Dead Target Zombie Games 3D Mod – Unlimited Energy, Stars and Coins

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App Name Dead Target Zombie Games 3D
Genre Action
Size 151MB
Latest Version 4.96.1
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds, Gold & Money
Update August 16, 2022

Mod Features:

      • Unlimited Diamonds
      • Unlimited Money
      • Unlimited Gold

More about the Dead Target Zombie Games 3D mobile game:

Our adventure with Dead Target Zombie Games 3D begins when we learn that it is the year 2040. It turns out that after the outbreak of the Third World War, almost the whole world has changed beyond recognition. A huge corporation called CS took advantage of this situation to start creating so-called super soldiers. They are incredibly strong machines that, at the behest of their leaders, try to create the greatest possible chaos on Earth. Unfortunately, not everything went according to their plan, and it turned out that through their experiment, many ordinary inhabitants of the city began to turn into zombies. Attempts were made to remedy the situation by sending a group of special commandos, but their mission was unsuccessful. You are one of the two agents who managed to survive and now it depends on you how the fate of not only this city but also the whole world will turn out.

Playing Dead Target Zombie Games 3D with unlimited diamonds, money and gold

Now, as an experienced commando, your main goal is to survive and get out of the city before it’s too late. During this adventure, you will have to defeat huge amounts of zombies that will attack you. Explore the entire city in search of useful items and safe places that you can treat as your temporary shelter. It is not an easy task, but fortunately a large amount of gold, money and diamonds can help your character survive and build a safe shelter for you and your valuables. By using gold and diamonds you will have access to the best weapons, armor and other equipment. This will surely mean that the hordes of zombies you encounter won’t stand a chance. Remember, however, that your main goal is to get out of the city and try to save the rest of the civilization of our planet.

Download Dead Target Zombie Games 3D Mod (Unlimited Gold, Diamonds and Money)

Now you can download the Dead Target Zombie Games 3D Mod on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You need at least 151 MB of free space on your device to download this mod.